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San Jose is the capital and biggest city of Costa Rica and it is situated 1,161m above the level of the sea. San Jose has so much to offer its visitors from the culture of the city's museums and art galleries to the vibrant and exciting nightlife. There are shops catering for all tastes and restaurants serving simple foods right through to the finest cuisine.

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CRLA Spanish School

  • Main Courses:
    15 Spanish lessons per week
    15 Spanish lessons per week & + Host Family HB, single room
    20 Spanish lessons per week
    20 Spanish lessons per week & + Host Family HB, single room
    25 Spanish lessons per week
    25 Spanish lessons per week & + Host Family HB, single room
    30 Spanish lessons per week
    30 Spanish lessons per week & + Host Family HB, single room
    Private tuition

  • Students per class (Max.): 6

  • Class duration: 55 min.

  • School info: Mid-sized school with 35 spacious and airy classrooms, audio and visual aids, 2 computer rooms with wireless internet connection.

    Prices from: 208$ per week

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Spanish Courses in san Jose

The Museo de Jade is the place to visit to see the world's biggest single collection of American jade, the beautiful gemstone has been lovingly crafted in different forms and the exhibits are simply exquisite.

If you take a trip to the Spirogyra Jardin de Mariposas during the morning you can observe their collection of delicate butterflies taking flight, they house over 30 different species along with 5 types of tiny hummingbirds. There is a small but well stocked cafe which is open throughout the high season only.

For all your souvenir requirements go to Annemarie's Boutique where you will discover the usual gifts along with the more unusual, the items for sale are from around Costa Rica. The boutique is housed in the Don Carlos Hotel but it is open to everybody and not just the guests of the actual hotel. If you fancy an intimate dinner then go along to the Bakea Restaurant which is in a 1937 lovingly converted house; the restaurant has numerous little quiet dining rooms and a lovely patio all coupled with a small art gallery.

The nightlife in San Jose is very diverse from Latin clubs where the local salsa dancers are the envy of many visitors to the all pumping techno music of the El Tunel de Tiempo Disco where the music just keeps going until the small hours of the morning whether the dancers do or not!

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