Spain is located in the South-Western part of Europe and shares its borders with France and Portugal. It is the home country of the Spanish language and Spain is today a modern, prosperous country with excellent weather, beautiful and varied geography, a profound history, and a deeply enjoyable and vibrant cultural life.


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    The birthplace of Spanish, Spain offers so much more than just the original form of one of the world's most important and quickest growing languages. It's no surprise the country stands as the second most-visited tourist destination on the planet (after France and before the US).

    Spain offers a true wealth of history and culture as well as a rich natural bounty. This along with its predominantly sunny weather attracts millions of tourists each year in search of everything from good food, weather and beaches to fascinating history, culture and a direct encounter with Spain's famously fun, engaging social life.

    The country is home to an impressive offering of quality language schools, official Spanish language organizations such as the renowned Instituto Cervantes, and prestigious Spanish universities. Without doubt and for good reason, Spain is the world's leading destination for Spanish courses abroad.

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