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Panama sits at the most southern point of Central America and is located upon the Isthmus of Panama that joins South and North America. Panama has a lot to offer its visitors from natural parks and beautiful beaches to historic monuments and modern cities with great nightlife.

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In Panama we offer Spanish courses in the following cities:
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Destinations available in Panama


  • Population: 6,500 habitants

  • Type: Small mountain town

  • Climate: Mild climate all year
    Average annual temperature: 21°C (70°F)

  • Description: The town of Boquette boasts a lovely location with the backdrop of the Volcan Baru, the climate is refreshingly balanced with an even temperature throughout most of the year. There is much to offer from hiking up the mountain and kayaking down the river to enjoying an excursion to one of the numerous coffee plantations.

Panama City

  • Population: 813,097 habitants

  • Type: Large capital city

  • Climate: Average annual temperature: 21°C (70°F)

  • Description: Panama City boasts a stunning location as it is sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and several, lush green rainforests. The city offers museums, shops, fine restaurants and much more.

Study Spanish in Panama

The Archipielago de las Perlas or the Pearl Islands are a big draw for people visiting Panama. There are approximately 100 islands and many of them are so tiny they are uninhabited; the group of islands are located in the Gulf of Panama. Isla Del Rey is the biggest of the islands and measures 30mi².

The highest point throughout the country of Panama is the summit of Volcan Baru this is the only volcano in Panama and it stands at 3,478metres. It is a dormant volcano and there is no known record of its last eruption, the volcano boasts 7 craters to most volcanoes one. If it is a clear day views can be observed of the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines.

Volcan Baru is located in the wonderful Parque Nacional Volcan Baru which also houses the Sendero Los Quetzales; this is known to be the most scenically beautiful trail throughout Panama. The quetzal is a strikingly colourfully bird of paradise with a stunning long tail it is found in the tropical areas of the Americas.

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