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Panama City is the capital of and the biggest city throughout Panama. The city was founded in the year 1518 and is located between the Pacific Ocean and several, lush green rainforests. The city offers museums, shops, fine restaurants, many bars and discos and much more.

Spanish Schools in Panama City, Panama

Spanish Courses in Panama City

Panama City is often referred to as 'The Miami of the South' due to the city's skyline of steel towers and glass buildings which is very similar in appearance to that of Miami.

The Parque Natural Metropolitano stretches from Panama along the Panama Canal and houses some very unique species of birds and animals including the puma, tapir and the alligator.

The Calzada is a 2km causeway lined with trees that connects the mainland to the 4 small islands of Culebra, Perico, Naos and Flamenco. This is a very popular place, especially in the early mornings and late afternoons when it springs to life with joggers, walkers and cyclists. From the causeway there is a spectacular view over the skyline and the 'old city'. The brown pelican is a bird that favours the waters around the Calzada and flocks of them can very often be observed diving into the water.

There are numerous museums throughout the city including the Museo de Ciencias Naturales which has many displays regarding geology, marine biology and entomology; the museum also boasts a fascinating exhibition of taxidermy.

If you wish to dine whilst sampling a stunning view out over the bay then visit Ali Baba's restaurant, they offer a menu of delicious Spanish paellas, pizzas and a variety of Eastern dishes. Martin Fierro is the eating establishment to visit if you enjoy a high quality sirloin steak as the meat served in this particular restaurant is reputed to be the best throughout Panama City.      

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