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Monteverde is a small town situated in the province of Puntarenas in the central part of Costa Rica. The name Monteverde means 'green mountain' in Spanish and the city is also surrounded by the foerrest. The area is approximately 4,592 feet above the sea level and almost appears as though it is sitting in the clouds it is often covered in a blanket of fog due to the altitude.

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Spanish Courses in Monteverde

It was Quakers from the USA who discovered and founded what is now known as Monteverde, they chose the area to live in peacefully and it was the Quakers who farmed the land that is now the Cloud Forest prior to setting it aside for conservation purposes.

Monteverde is technically still what is considered to be a pueblo, a village or small town. It is actually a well developed town community though with the downtown region being called Santa Elena.

There are chemists in the town along with banks, a medical clinic and even internet cafes. Visitors will also discover a supermarket, gift shops and several restaurants. If you love pizza then pay a visit to the Pizzeria KaKos restaurant where they serve the tastiest pizza in town.

The biggest attraction to the Monteverde region is undoubtedly the Cloud Forest. Visitors can opt to see the forest in various ways; there are guided tours or horse riding or the more adventurous types can see it from the dizzying heights of a zip wire by taking a canopy tour! The tours are organised by Selvatura Park which is located in the heart of the stunning Cloud Forest.

There are also suspension bridges to be crossed, a butterfly and orchid garden to visit and a hummingbird garden where you can see the miniature and delicate hummingbirds up close.

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