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The Enforex Bariloche is located right at the centre of the downtown region of the city of Bariloche in Argentina. Below you can find out more about these options, observe course details and read the student reviews. Use the green button at the bottom of the page to book a course at Enforex Bariloche.

Enforex Bariloche Spanish School in Bariloche

  • Main Courses:
    (20 Spanish) lessons/week
    (30 Spanish) lessons/week

    Other courses: Medical Spanish, private tuition

    Levels: 6 different levels

  • Students per class (Max.): 7
    Min Age: 18

  • Class Description: 55 min.

  • School info: Small sized school, 6 spacious classrooms, cafeteria and library, located in downtown Bariloche.
    Situation: The school is located a short stroll from major tourist attractions in the heart of the center of Bariloche.

    Price from: 185$ per week

The main civic centre of Bariloche is situated in close proximity of the Enforex Bariloche. The language school is a short stroll away from most of the tourist attractions throughout the city and is also on the way of many of the local bus routes.

The school is fairly small and cosy which works to the student's advantage because the teaching is much more personal. There are 6 classrooms in total and a meeting room/lounge. The building that the Enforex Bariloche is housed in is a log cabin styled building and it is fully stocked with all the relevant audio and visual materials required to teach Spanish.

There is even a room where tea, coffee and delicious Medialunas are served. Medialunas are an Argentine croissant and are exceedingly tasty, just right for busy students taking a well deserved break.

The intensive Spanish courses at the Enforex Bariloche are available in 6 levels; 2 beginners, 2 intermediate and 2 advanced. They are held in classes consisting of the maximum of 7 students and the minimum of 3. Each of the lessons lasts for 55 minutes. Students take a placement test upon arrival to ascertain which class they will be better suited to.

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