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Guanajuato is situated 230 miles Northwest of Mexico City. The city of Guanajuato has so much to offer its visitors including history and culture, shopping, restaurants and a wide choice of nightlife from quieter bars to noisier clubs. Guanajuato is known for its 'safe' atmosphere and is a city that witnesses very little trouble.

Spanish Schools in Guanajuato, Mexico

Enforex Guanajuato (Mejico)

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  • Students per class (Max.): 4

  • Class duration: 55 min.

  • School info: Mid-sized school with cosy but spacious classrooms, free internet service, multimedia room, and common area.

    Prices from: 135$ per week

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Spanish Courses in Guanajuato

Guanajuato was actually founded as a town in the year 1554 and later in the year 1741 it received acknowledgement that it was a city.

The Cerro del Cubilete is a hill that stands 8,860 feet tall, at the summit of the hill there is a bronze statue called the Cristo Rey del Cubilete which reaches 65 feet in height; the name translates to Christ the King Shrine. The Cerro del Cubilete hill is located approximately 15km to the West of Guanajuato, it is thought to stand at the precise geographical centre of the country of Mexico.

If you fancy something slightly spooky then pay a visit to the Museum of the Mummies at the Panteon Cemetery where visitors can observe more than 100 mummified remains; these were discovered in 1865 when the local authorities had to remove some of the bodies from the cemetery to provide more room. The soil had a mineral content in it and this coupled with the extremely dry atmosphere had worked together to actually preserve the bodies. This might sound a bit on the grim side but it is certainly worth a visit as it is truly fascinating.

Mercado Hidalgo is a market boasting the whole region's tastiest candy and numerous stalls selling a range of goodies from clothing to exquisite pottery items.

If you are searching for an internet cafe then pop along to the Bagel Cafetin where they serve delicious bagels with a delightful selection of tempting fillings, so you can surf the net whilst enjoying a tasty treat.

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