Going out: Learn the true meaning of "marcha"

Going Out

Ir/Salir de marcha [Familiar] Lit. To go out on parade. To go out and party and have a good time. Other words you can use in its place include juerga, movida, farra [Familiar].
Example: ¡Menuda marcha hay en Ibiza! [Familiar] What a night life there is in Ibiza! El fin de semana me voy de juerga a Madrid [Familiar] This weekend I'm going out partying in Madrid.

Pasarlo bomba/en grande [Familiar] To have a great time.
Example: Lo pasaron en grande con Anita [Familiar] They had a ball with Anita.

Un chiringo/chiringuito [Familiar]Although it literally means a beach stall selling drinks and tapas, it also refers to most drinking bars/pubs. Ir de chiringos is a common expression that means to go out drinking.

Un garito [Familiar] Una garita is a sentry box, but this slang masculine version refers to any drinking venue.
Example: Esta es la zona de garitos [Familiar] This is the area where the bars are.

El/La de la vergüenza [Familiar] This is the name given to the last bit of food left in a shared plate of food. Literally, it means "the one that brings shame" because everybody feels a bit guilty about taking it.
Example: ¿Alguien quiere la de la vergüenza? [Familiar] Anyone want the last one? No, cómetela tú. No, you can have it.

La Dolorosa [Familiar] is Our Lady of Sorrows. It literally means "the painful one" and is used to refer to the restaurant bill in a sarcastic way.
Example: Pide la dolorosa, veremos cuánto nos clavan [Familiar] Ask for the bill, let's see how much they rip us off for.