Level Test

This level assessment test, which only takes a few minutes to complete, will give you an approximate idea of your level of competency in Spanish.

You can take this test in three levels of difficulty: basic, intermediate and advanced. You can start with the easiest level, or at take a more advanced test directly.

Once you've obtained your results, use the guidelines below to assess your approximate level of competency in Spanish, after which you'll have a good idea of which lessons to start with in our Living Spanish Classroom, where we offer free Spanish grammar and spelling lessons complete with illustrations, exercises, tests and a feature that saves your results and progress as you go along.



0-6 POINTS: You should take a Spanish course as soon as possible. You'll be able to get a better score in no time. We suggest you start from the beginning, slowly but surely.
7-12 POINTS: You're still not ready to move on to the next level; you've obtained a score below 50%. You're familiar with a few grammatical structures but you don't employ them correctly yet. Don't worry - take a Spanish course and you'll be able to get a better score in no time!
13-15 POINTS: Well done, keep on! You've obtained a good score. It'll be easy for you to advance at this level.
16-19 POINTS: Congratulations! You're ready to take on the intermediate level.


0-8 POINTS: You've started on the intermediate level; you should go over the beginner-level material to strengthen your knowledge. At this level you should have a clear understanding of the differences between the past and present tenses.
9-15 POINTS: Go over the tenses of the <i>subjuntivo</i> introduced by the relative clauses (<i>oraciones subordinadas</i>). Don't lose hope - learning a language requires time, and you've achieved a score above 30%!
16-20 POINTS: You've done a good job. Go over the theory and practice with the exercises. You're approaching the final stretch for this level; you've scored between 60 and 80%. Keep it up!
21-25 POINTS: Congratulations! You've successfully advanced beyond the intermediate level.


0-10 PUNTOS: El nivel avanzado requiere un gran esfuerzo. Si has contestado correctamente hasta diez preguntas, no te desanimes, has logrado el 30% de la puntuación.
11-20 PUNTOS: Bien, tienes que seguir practicando. Tus resultados oscilan entre el 30 y 60%. En este nivel se han incluido expresiones coloquiales en español y algunas locuciones adverbiales que debes practicar con los ejercicios.
21-28 PUNTOS: Muy bien, comprendes las estructuras gramaticales en español. Estás muy cerca de conseguir tu objetivo.
29-39 PUNTOS: Enhorabuena, has logrado entre 80 y 100% de las respuestas correctas.