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The city of Cuenca is the third biggest city throughout Ecuador but still with a friendly small town atmosphere; visitors can experience the true traditional side of life in the city by observing the workmanship of the local craftsmen in the markets. There are restaurants and quaint shops and numerous historical buildings to explore.

Spanish Schools in Cuenca, Ecuador

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Spanish Courses in Cuenca

Cuenca is thought to be the most attractive city within Ecuador and although it is a large city it has maintained the atmosphere and slower pace normally associated with a smaller city or town.

The city was founded in the year 1557 and was constructed partly upon an already existing Inca town called Tomebamba. There are some delightful shops in Cuenca where visitors can purchase some beautiful handicrafts made by the local people including embroidered shawls and pottery items.

Cuenca is an exceptionally picturesque city with its whitewashed buildings and cobblestone streets. Another pleasant touch is the way that the bright and colourful flowers adorn many of the streets and buildings. The city boasts several museums and standing at its centre is the impressive new cathedral built from pink marble.

The markets are fascinating because you can watch the local people craft their work, one of the most impressive to observe is the skilful method applied to weave the famous Panama hats. These hats are originally from Ecuador.

Cuenca makes a perfect location for studying Spanish as it is the native language of the city and visitors can really 'live' the experience amongst the locals.

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