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The Enforex Santiago de Cuba is slightly different to the other language schools in the fact that it does not have a main 'school' building. Below you can find out more about these options, observe course details and read the student reviews. Use the green button at the bottom of the page to book a course at Enforex Santiago de Cuba.

Enforex Santiago de Cuba Spanish School in Santiago de Cuba

  • Main Courses:
    (20 Spanish) lessons/week

    Other courses: Private tuition

    Levels: 6 different levels

  • Students per class (Max.): 7
    Min Age: 18

  • Class Description: 55 min.

  • School info: School is situated in either the cultural centre, instructor’s home or that of the host family.  Relaxed learning environment.
    Situation: Homes and centres are located in the safe neighborhood of Reparto Sueno.

    Price from: per week

Spanish lessons at the Enforex Santiago de Cuba are held in a number of locations because there is no actual school building. Students are taught in cultural centres, their teacher's home or at the house of one of the host families that are accommodating one of the students.

The advantage with this arrangement is the fact that it offers a very personalized atmosphere to study in and all the homes and centres used for the purpose of studying are within the safe Reparto Sueno neighbourhood. The minimum age for enrolment with the Enforex Santiago de Cuba is 18 years old.

Spanish courses include intensive, super intensive, private lessons and also Spanish combined with dance lessons. The intensive course includes 6 varying levels 2 beginners, 2 intermediate and 2 advanced. These classes consist of the maximum of 7 students and the minimum of 3. The only difference will be the venue but in a lot of ways students do prefer this as the atmosphere is more relaxed and comfortable.

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