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Bogota is the capital city of Colombia and was formerly named Santa Fe de Bogota. The city of Bogota is located in the heart of Colombia and sits upon a high plateau 8,600 feet high. The city has more schools, universities and colleges than any other Colombian city and a vibrant, exciting nightlife.

Spanish Schools in Bogota, Colombia

Spanish Courses in Bogota

Downtown Bogota is largely pedestrianised with a vast array of shopping malls including the Calle Real de La Candelaria Mall which boasts beautiful shops containing precious stones, jewels and metals. Then there is the Via Libre Mall, this particular shopping mall is known for the numerous students that visit it this is largely down to the kinds of shops and stores contained within it. There are clothes stores, music shops and tattoo and piercing salons.

After the noise of the shopping malls take time out to relax and soak up the peace and tranquillity of the Bogota Botanical Gardens. The gardens are the largest botanical gardens throughout Colombia and feature greenhouses where plants from each and every different Colombian region are displayed. The gardens also boast the biggest aquatic, Amazonian flower ever recorded.

The tourist train running throughout the summer months is worth a ride it stops at the more outlying towns one of which is Zipaquira. This town is famous for its salt cathedral; the building is underground and built in a tunnel of salt mines. It is 200 metres inside a salt mountain and is a fascinating work of art to observe.

Bogota is an incredible city to study Spanish in as the region is steeped in history. The official language spoken is Spanish but there are also numerous American Indian languages spoken.

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