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The city of Santiago or Santiago de Chile in Spanish is the capital city of Chile. It boasts one of the most stunning settings framed by majestic mountains that are a combination of the Andes and a smaller coastal range of mountains. Santiago de Chile appears to nestle in a pocket amongst the mountains.

Spanish Schools in Santiago de Chile, Chile

Enforex Santiago de Chile (Chile)

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  • Students per class (Max.): 7

  • Class duration: 55 min.

  • School info: Mid-sized school, 7 spacious classrooms, multimedia room, DVD and audio system, computer room.

    Prices from: 185$ per week

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Spanish Courses in Santiago de Chile

Historians will delight in the Museo Nacional de Historia Natural, it houses numerous extensive collections of butterflies and fossils. One of the main attractions within the museum are the fragments of bones from the giant ground dwelling sloth called the Milodon. The Museo Nacional de Historia Natural is located in a 40 hectare park which is a popular place with cyclists and walkers.

If you are after delicious food and first class service then visit the Astrid y Gaston restaurant but be warned as it becomes extremely busy and is very popular, it is advised to book well in advance of when you wish to eat there.

The El Mundo del Vino is a very classy wine hypermarket, their selection of wine is huge and a little bewildering but never fear if you are not that tuned into the taste of wine as the complex offers wine tasting too.

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