Tutorial 3: Lastest video tutorial delves deeper into the Classroom

A few posts ago we introduced you to the first tutorial for the LivingSpanish Classroom; our free virtual learning space filled with tons of useful lessons and exercises including reading comprehension like this article Campamentos de Futbol. That tutorial was designed to give you a quick explanation of its features and show you how to easily sign up for a free account.

Now that we've gotten the basics down we'd like you to check out our latest video tutorial (see link below):

LivingSpanish Classroom Video Tutorial: Beginner

This tutorial takes a closer look at the Classroom by providing examples of exercises and an explanation of how to keep track of your progress as you go along. The emphasis is on the beginner "modules" (lesson sets), and we're planning on adding new videos for the intermediate and advanced levels – so stay posted!

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