Tutorial 1: First Living Spanish Video Tutorial!

As promised, a video introducing the LivingSpanish homepage has been posted on YouTube for everyone to see (please click on the link below to watch):

LivingSpanish Homepage Video Tutorial

The short, two-minute tutorial will give you a taste of the fun and interesting features on our site and how best to access the wealth of educational information (such as free grammar lessons and exercises) we've put at your disposal.

The video was put together by advanced Spanish student and LivingSpanish collaborator Jasper Meerman. We think he's done an excellent job explaining how to get around our site and take advantage of its simple functionality and powerful resources (thanks Jasper!), and we'd love to receive your feedback as well.

You can share your opinions directly on the video or drop us a comment on your favorite social media network: Facebook, MySpace, Bebo…or simply email us by visiting our contact page.

Keep an eye out for upcoming video tutorials on our pride and joy: the LivingSpanish Classroom.

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We hope you enjoy the video and find it helpful!