5 Ways to Arrange Accommodation for Your Time Studying in Spain

Choosing to study abroad in Spain is a fantastic way to expand your personal knowledge of the Spanish language and understanding of its rich culture and hisotry, delicious foods, lively people, and pleasant climate.

Once you’ve decided upon a city to study in you’ll need to make arrangements for your living accommodations. Below are a few helpful options that are ordinarily used by students when studying abroad:

  1. A very popular and cheap option is living with a host family. Most often the family will have children and will integrate you into their family. The advantages of this option are that you will practice your Spanish on a daily basis as well as learn a great amount about Spain’s culture.
  2. You can also contact agencies that are solely dedicated to renting rooms in shared flats. The disadvantage is that you might not get to practice as much Spanish, since these flats are often shared among other foreign people. The advantage is that you have much more freedom than if you live with a family.
  3. Some universities and schools offer lodging in student residences. The atmosphere is lively, though these residencies tend to grant less freedom to students in terms of when you’re allowed to come and go.
  4. If the time comes when you’re due to arrive in Spain and you haven’t found living arrangements yet, probably the best option is to reserve a room in a hostel/boarding house for at least a week, and to look for accommodation once you arrive. This option may seem risky, but is a good way of finding something that actually fits your needs well.
  5. Another option is to rent a private apartment. This option is without doubt the most expensive, and offers the most in terms of privacy and freedom.